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Java is the Language of choice for millions of Developers and Programmers worldwide

20 Jul

Java is one of the most popular programming languages for creating web platforms and applications. The framework was designed for flexibility, enabling programmers to write code that will run on any machine, whatever the platform or architecture. The Java home page stated that over a billion computers and three billion mobile phones all over the world run Java. The framework is object-oriented and class-based as well. Developers adopt and use it since code could securely run on almost any other platform, whatever the operating system may be so long as the JRE or Java Runtime Environment is installed. The JRE differs, depending on the specific kind of device.

Moreover, the language is used for building apps and platforms for numerous devices. It is furthermore a key language for networking, especially for data centers which store and transfer web-based data. It is also sued for building dynamic, miniature programs which run alongside or are embedded within the web pages. The programs are known as applets and could be used for displaying maps, games, weather or other interactive tools or widgets on a web page.

Application developers declared that they are strongly in support of Java 8 to take advantage of new functionalities. Java and the development process have come a long way. Nowadays, Java is the programming language of choice for nine million programmers and developers, powering over seven billion devices. Aside from driving most of the business systems in the world, the framework is being used to enhance air and road safety, gather information from the oceans in the world for scientific research and help boost the quality of grain crop to feed the hungry, as well as simulate the human brain.

The Java programming language is on its eighth major version with the latest Java 8 release as Oracle prepares for the Java 9 release, scheduled for September 2016. The version 8 was introduced early of last year, and was one of the most significant releases of the language in years. It brought with it an enhanced developer productivity and significant app performance increases via improved collections and annotations, reduced boilerplate code, simpler programming models and use of modern, multi-core processors in an effective manner.

The key features of the JDK 8 are Nashorn JavaScript Engine, Project Lambda and a new Date and Time API, set of Compact Profiles and removal of ‘permanent generation’ from the HotSpot JVM or Java Virtual Machine. The Java development kit 8 is a production-ready implementation of the platform. The new time/data package was among the favorite Java 8 features of developers. One of the most popular features of the version is Lambdas, coupled with advances made in the underlying JVM and in class libraries as well. Lambdas utilize a new byte code that is called invoke dynamic. It was added to the previous release of the version 7 to provide high performance.

There were other additions to the class libraries, particularly a Streams API added to the Collections API. The Streams API enables programmers and developers to set up a pipeline of operations to support the MapReduce programming style, which is quite popular in the world of huge data.